Struktura is a jewellery brand, founded in São Paulo in 2016 by Stephanie Bekes. The label focuses on unique pieces that rely on natural materials and handicrafts in order to create its vocabulary of bodily ornaments that are simultaneously delicate and stately.


Using a wide range of materials, from raw crystals to baroque pearls and sterling silver, Struktura sources inspiration from the wondrous complexity of the natural world as well as traditional craft, radical design and architectural iconography, rendering each of its pieces one of a kind.


Working solely with traditional craftsmen and small local businesses, Struktura aims at fostering crafts throughout its entire production line, from product to packaging.




Struktura é uma joalheria fundada em São Paulo em 2016 pela designer Stephanie Bekes. A marca foca em peças únicas que se constroem a partir de elementos naturais e artesanais para criar seu vocabulário de ornamentos corporais que são simultaneamente delicados e imponentes.


Utilizando uma vasta gama de materiais como cristais brutos, pérolas barrocas e prata de lei, Struktura tem como inspiração a maravilhosa complexidade do mundo natural assim como o artesanato tradicional, design radical e iconografia arquitetônica, tornando única cada uma de suas peças.


Trabalhando somente com pequenos artesãos  e fornecedores locais, a marca busca desenvolver e fomentar o artesanato em toda sua linha de producão, do produto à embalagem.

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Care Instructions
Each piece is handcrafted from exquisite, natural materials, and can, therefore, be quite fragile. Please take extra care when handling your jewellery. 

The pieces are made from naturally-occurring elements, so colour and shape variations may occur over time.


For any doubts, please contact Struktura.




The silver structure will naturally oxidise with time. Occasionally wiping the silver with a soft cloth will slow this process.

To prevent further tarnishing, avoid contact with perfume, household cleaning products and water.


Only use specialized silver-polishing products to clean the silver. Apply to a cotton bud, always taking care not to apply the polish to other materials. The residue of the polish can stain the leather or your clothes. 

Use a soft damp cloth to remove it thoroughly.


Do not use polishing products designed for metals other than silver.




Struktura uses leather of the highest quality in all its products.

Any marks, color variations or textures should be considered natural features, rather than imperfections.


Please handle the leather with clean, dry hands to avoid stains and discoloration. Water, makeup and greasy lotions may leave traces on the leather.


Colored leather can leave a stain on light surfaces in the first few wears.


The leather on any Struktura product is best cleaned using a soft, clean cloth or leather cleaning sponge. Should you spot a scratch, rub it gently with a dry cloth before using any products.


Avoid using self-shining leather cleaners as these will mar with the original lustre of the leather. If in doubt or working with coloured leather, ask a specialist or contact Struktura directly.



Do not put leather products in the washing machine.




Any further inquiries, please contact Struktura.